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Vuapo Print Magazine - 1st Edition (September 2022)

Vuapo Print Magazine - 1st Edition (September 2022)

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You will receive a physical print version of the Vuapo magazine right to your doorstep, making you the proud owner of one of the very first few prints of the Vuapo magazine. 

This edition includes 12 articles:

  • Africa:
    • What Africa lacks for Economic Development
    • Africa's Refugee Crisis
  • Superpowers:
    • US, China & Russia Race for Military Technology
    • The CCP's Authoritarian Grip on China
  • Ukraine:
    • Ukraine in the National Security of Putin's Russia
    • Ukraine's Fallout on South East Asia
    • Ukraine War causes Global Food Shortage
  • Recession:
    • Is the Global Economic Recession Inevitable?
    • Your Job vs the Recession
    • How to Find a Job During the Recession

If you have an interest in international politics or economics, we are confident you will find intellectual stimulation and learn a lot from this value-packed edition.

We rely on your support to create well-researched, quality news. Please connect with us on Twitter (@vuapo_news) or write us an email to! We would love to hear from you :)

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